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    Image Tunnel

    2004.5 Film Festival: Oriental Seine by the Left Bank

    2005 Image tunnel –the nostalgic arts festival of Suzhou Creek
    March          the Time of Silent Film----Starting from Silent
    April           the First Wave of City Film
    May            Dusty Memory over Forty Years----Style and Chinese Characteristics
                    A display of over one hundred film posts
    June            Natures----Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
    July             Kunqu Opera, Dumb Show, Space of  Yongle Palace
    July            Discussion of the possibility of the protection ,survival and development of  intangible cultural heritage
    August          Fashion, Nostalgia, Folk Music
    September       Shanghai Household
    October         Memory Filed of the City
    November       Oriental Seine by the Left Bank, Suzhou River, Past and Present of  M50 
    December       Documentary Exhibition: Meeting on the left bank of Suzhou River\
    December       Image Tunnel of Centennial Chinese Films

    December  Recommendation of the new book It Started From Silence
              One chapter called The Rise of New Generation of Humanistic Documentary introduces sixteen documentaries directed by young directors from Shanghai. 


    The seminar of City Humanistic Image

    Nowadays, Products from South Korea and Japan have taken a good place in Chinese film and television market. Local film and TV culture is standing at a crossroads.In the progress of exploring commercial operations and artistic expressions, Chinese film and TV industry need to construct own special industrial model. A vigorous development calls for the efforts from directors, artists and audience.

    Image Tunnel pay attention to the growth of new generation of directors and develop film and TV culture market by showing local films, organizing seminars which audience and directors participate in. A more possible way , a more window. Image Tunnel hope to construct a cultural interactive platform for people from all walks of life,both from home and abroad.

    2007.3.31   Material of a documentary《Stories behind Old Buildings》
    directed by Han Yuqi and Zhu Hongying 
    2007.4.21   Documentary 《Qinguan Road No.10》, directed by Zhu Yingwen
    2007.4.28  Documentary: The documentaries in Students of Universities in Shanghai,                          students' work provided by the host Dr.Jia Kai from Tongji University.  
                Documentary《To Live》directed by Xu Jun   
    2007.5.5    Documentary《Come and Go》directed by Huang Kai
                Feature film《But I know》directed by Huang Kai
    Flash《Suzhou Creek-----Art Warehouses》Han Yuqi ,Flash made by Wu Di and Qu Qing 
    2007.5.12  《The Boundary》《Hormone ’80》directed by Zhang Kaiwen
    2007.5.19   Documentary《Unveil the Tunpu-TheUnique Fortress in the World》,
    directed by Ye Tian and Lin Hang
    2007.5.26  Documentary 《Blossomin’the Wind》directed by Sun Yueling
    2007.6.2   Documentary 《In the Love Mood for Shenhua》directed by Xiao Liying and Feng Yan
               《RAIN·CAT》directed by Sun Fangjie and Zhang Wei
    2007.6.9    Documentary《Welcome, dear residents!》directed by Xie Rong
    2007.6.16   Outdoor imagesTouch DreamImagetunnel 2007 hope everyone can be
              1.Charitable Documentaries
                Flash: 《Suzhou Creek ---- Art Warehouses 》(2004), directed and made by Han Yuqi, Wu Di and Qu Qing
                《Image tunnel –the nostalgic arts festival of Suzhou Creek》(2005) , directed by Han Yuqi and Fanlei
                《Start sailing---journey of floating glass》(2007 ), directed by Han Yuqi
              2.material and experimental films from Shanghai
                《Material film》, directed by Sun Yueling
                《Tunnel》directed by Liu Yi
                《Fantasy》directed bu Liu Yi, Wu Xiaodong, Xu Weina and Zhouqing
                《Dancer》,directed by Xu Li
              3.experimental films from Beijing Houshayu
                《Live》directed by Tan Tan and Song song
                《Vague Ocean》directed by Deng Li
                《Coffee》,directed by Chen Hailu
                《AOWU,》directed by Liao Wenwen etc.
    2007.6.23 Documentary  《This Time but Yesterday》directed by Chen Tianting
    2007.6.30 Documentary 《An Old Street and an Old Woman》directed by Pian Zi
    《Happy Spring Festival》(BONNE  ANNEE)directed by Ding Zheng
    2007.7.7   Experimental film
             《Tunnel of Memories》,directed by Liu Yi
             《Useless Reply》, directed by Yang Chengcheng
             《Please Throw Me to the Wall》,directed by Wu Xiaodong
             《Happiness and Embarrassments Beyond the Times,》directed by Lu Yang
             《Breath----the Series of Underground in Shangha》i,made by Art Map working group
    2007.7.14  Documentary 《Guardian of City Memory》《Perseverance》
    Director:Yang ZHOU
    2007.7.21  Documentary 《Love Manual of Boys and Girls》directed by Zhu Wei and Wang Nianyi
    2007.7.28  Experimental short films directed by Zhang Jijun
                《About Sadness》
                《Picking Morning Flowers at Dusk》
                《About Happiness》
                《Mega War》
                《Summer of Three Square Meter》
    2007.8.4    Dramas 《Rencounter》《My Sky》directed by Li Jiajia
    2007.8.11  Documentary 《An 8th generation director on diet》directed by Xu Xiaxian
    2007.8.18  Documentary 《Kun,Mo》directed by Fan Lei《Special·Ordinary》directed by Chen Jingjing
    2007.8.25  Drama《HATSUYUME  BAIHUASTREET》directed by Guo Zhenchao
    2007.9.1   Drama 《Two Sides》,directed by Lin Hang
    2007.9.8  Drama 《Hero》directed by Ye Kai and Song Feifei
    2007.9.15  Documentaries My Boss Dragon, directed by Liang Yufei
               The Rent,directed by Yu Lingsong
    2007.9.22  Documentary 《Butterflies》directed by Zhang Weijie
    2007.9.29 Documentary 《Walk in the Dark》, directed by Li Xiaofeng
    2007.10.20   Feature film《Shanghai Story》,directed by Peng Xiaolian
    2007.10.27  Dramas《Self-muttering》directed by He Lan
    《Goodbye Blue Mountain》directed by Cheng Peng
                 Experimental film《The Dancer》directed by Xu Wei and Xu Li
    2007.11.17   Documentary 《Mother-in-law》, directed by Zhang Weijie
    2007.11.24   Drama《The 19th Hell》,directed by Jie Jun(a author)
    2007.12.15  Documentary 《To Live》directed by Xu Jun
    2007.12.30   Drama   《Snap,U!》directed by Pan Yu

    2008.3.8Documentary 《The Dream Faramita》directed by Han Yuqi
    2008.3.22  Drama《Red Kite, directed 》by Mao Guangju
    2008.4.12   Documentary《Tibetan Culture Tradition & Reality》directed by Chen Jian
    2008.4.26   Drama 《Give Me a Bed》directed by Wu Wei
    2008.5.10  Documentary《Its time for dinner》directed by Wu Yifei and Gao Yanfei
    2008.5.24  Drama《Be Laid to Rest》directed by Mao Yonghua
    2008.6.14  A centry!Films----the 103rd anniversary of Chinese Films
             1.Silent,black and white----review of classic movie clips.(Goddess etc)
             2.Time of independent fils----splendid clips of Shanghai independent  films.(splendid independent films of Image Tunnel in 2007)
             3.Directors attended salons, stars of hope of Image Tunnel came out.
    2008.6.21   Short documentary  《The World Cup 2006 and Little Buddha》
               《Businessmen,University Students and Foreigners》directed by Long Yuancheng
    2008.6.28    Films 《Ann》directed by  Dongmei Li
                《Sojoum》directed by  Wenjun Yang
    2008.7.26  Documentary《Qinguan Road No.10》directed by Zhu Yingwen
              《To Live》directed by Xu Jun
               Drama《Meets》directed by Li Jiajia
    2008.8.2  Documentary 《Blossomin’the Wind》directed by Sun Yueling
               Drama《Truth of Heroes》directed by Ye Kai and Song Feifei
    2008.8.23 Documentary
    directed by Zhang Weijie
     2008.8.30  Documentary
    directed by Kang Shiwei
              Experimental film
    , by Kang Shiwei
    2008.9.13  《2008 Panorama International Experimental Film / experimental animation roving exhibition》
               Made by  Tantan、Chen Hailu、Song Song、Wu Qiuyu 、Liao Wenwen、Tian Miaozi、Zhu Xiaoqi 、Deng Li
    2008.10.4  Documentary 《The Dream Faramita》directed by Han Yuqi( selected into 4th REEL CHINA Contemporary Chinese documentary biennale )
    2008.10.25 Documentary   《Days on the Clouds》directed by Jason Wei
    2008.11.8   Drama《Boxed Lunch》Director: Zhang Chi  Producer: Ai Weiwei
    2008.12.13  Experimental films 《Eyes》《Cloud,Cloud,Cloud》Director: Ding Feng
    2008.12.27  Sci-fi suspense film《Over the Sky》directed by Zeng Hongfei

    2009.4.11   Documentary 《Migration》Director by ZHANG Kanwen
    2009.4.25  Documentary 《Guardian of City Memory》《Perseverance》
    Director:Yang ZHOU
    2009.5.9   Documentary about Ma Liang's works
              《Second-hand Tang Poems》and 《Journey to the West》Director: Liu Xi         
    2009.5.16 First episode《Drifting Bottles with Dreams》   directed HAN Yuqi,  MAO Guangju
    2009.7.11   《The Spring Festival in Tibet》,directed by Chen Jian
    2009.8.16   Documentary : the Reminiscence of Suzhou Creek----《the Smallest Cinema in Shanghai》
    2009.10.17  Documentary 《The Hump and Flying Tigersdirected bywZ Media studio
    2009.10.30 Documentary《The Charming Direction----Image Tunnel Open the Prelude of Eastern Perfume》
               Film: 《the Murder of Perfume》
    2009.11.14  MANDARA “Future”, directed by Xu Jun,,from MIHO Art House
    2009.12.12  《The cat》、《Two trees》、《Blind Cloud》directed by Li Zitian
    Experimental short Cartoon: 《I,Time》《Coffee》,《Jump》《Little Stars》《Conversation》directed by Chen Hailu

    2010.1.9    Film Movies : traditional projector with 16mm films
    classical Chinese films 《Present and Past of Shanghai》《Girl Basketball Player No. 5》
    2010.3.6    《the Smallest Cinema in Shanghai》directed by Han Yuqi
    2010.4.10   Documentary 《City Villagers》directed by Wang Xiuyue
    2010.4.24  《screening of short movies, installations & performances 2000 to 2010(60 mins) Directed by Bolla
    2010.5.22     Drama 《Red Kite》directed by Mao Guangju
    5.22-31  "Away" A painting exihibition of Mao Guangju
    2010.5.29   Documentary《Its time for dinner》(69 mins) Directed by Wu Yifei & Gao Yanfei (selected into 4th REEL CHINA Contemporary Chinese documentary biennale)
    2010.6.5    June 5th : Environment Day ——a day for green time
    Cartoon:《The History of Battery Rule》3'41made by Han Yin, Luo Qiying, Wu Yinling and Lu Rui.
               A Joint Production by Clarisa Diaz and Ge Jin 
    《PLACES FOR ALL  Photography with Readings from Shanghai, Saigon, Phnom Penh and Seoul》   Author: Clarisa Diaz         
    《EAST LAKE AVATAR  Citizen Journalism in the Protection of East Lake》Director  Ge Jin

     2010.8.21Forum: Growing in Wildness, a New Era of Chinese Documentaries.
              The Networked Society and its impact in China; The fusion of documentary and other art forms; Alternative distribution for independent films, from grassroot cinemas to the Internet, addressed by Jin Ge(director of 《Golden Farmers》; 《Nanjing Road》).
              Persistence, the Way of Independent Filmmaking, addressed by Wang Xiuyue(director of《City Villagers》).
              The Wild and the Reborn,addressed by Han Yuqi(Director of The Other Side of Dreams)
              Recording the Native, addressed by Liu Xi(director of《Journey to the West》).

    2011.1.15    Image of Post-90s Generation,On Action!
                Teachers and students from Shanghai University and Shanghai Institute of Technology
    2011.6.25    Film Salon----Mulholland Drive, Limit of Logical Thinking and Smartness of  Narration  Host: Chen Yingfeng,a boy of Post-1990s generation
    2011.9.3    Film Salon---《Taare Zameen Par》
                 Host: Duote, a girl of Post-1990s generation
    2011.10.21   Documentary 《In Qingdao Abroad 》  Nicholas Holtkamp
    When western culture meets Chinese culture----Film Activity(in association with Shanghai TCFL Club)
    2011.11.11   Image Tunnel document series----independent directors No.1
                《The Freedom of an Liberalistic Kite》directed  by Han Yuqi

    2012.3.18    Documentary(for internal members) : 《E'cha----The Disappearing Village of Li Ship Thatched Cottage》(90 min)directed by Xie Rong

    Image Tunnel

    Image Tunnel在苏州河畔的M50艺术园区的19号楼1-4楼,在3楼的尖顶阁楼是上海市最小的独立电影院,播放着主流院线之外的独立制作的电影与纪录片、影像、话剧、音乐会等艺术原创,支持中国新生代的本土文化!

    2004.5      策划《东方的塞纳左岸影像展》

    2005 “影像隧道”——苏州河怀旧艺术节:
    3月  《默片时代——从无声开始》
    4月  《城市电影第一浪潮》
    5月  《40年尘封记忆——风格与中国特色”电影百幅海报展》
    6月  《自然本性——木·水·火·土》
    7月  《昆剧•默剧•永乐宫空间》
    7月  《非物质文化遗产的保护、生存与发展的可能性的探讨与关注》
    8月  《时尚•怀旧•民乐》
    9月  《上海人家》

    2006.3-12记录最后的上钢三厂素材  韩妤齐
    2006.12   新书推荐《从无声开始》,74-91页:“新生代的人文纪录片的崛起”介绍上海年轻导演的16部纪录片

    Image Tunnel通过放映本土影视作品,组织观众与导演研讨,关注新生代导演成长,培育影视文化市场;多一种可能,多一个窗口,搭建海内外各地各界人士文化互动的平台。

    2007.3.31   纪录片素材《探寻老宅背后的故事》韩妤齐、朱红影
    2007.4.21   纪录片《秦关路10号》朱鹰文
    2007.4.28   贾恺主持提供的学生作品纪录片高校学生眼中的上海记录片
    2007.5.5    纪录片《来来去去》;故事片《但我知道》黄凯;
                Flash《苏州河-艺术仓库》韩妤齐    Flash制作:吴迪、瞿情
    2007.5.12   《界》《80荷尔蒙》张侃文
    2007.5.19   纪录片《秘境囤堡》叶田、林航
    2007.5.26   纪录片《风经》孙悦凌
    2007.6.2    纪录片《单恋一枝花》肖丽英、丰彦;《猫雨》孙芳洁、张薇
    2007.6.9    纪录片《亲爱的住户您好》谢戎
    2007.6.16  露天影像

    主题:Touch Dream
    Imagetunnel 2007年起航 希望每个人都能

    2004  苏州河沿岸的艺术仓库flash中文版            摄影韩妤齐  制作吴迪瞿情
    2005  Imagetunnel影像隧道苏州河怀旧艺术节花絮       拍摄范磊
    2007  起航—--漂流瓶之旅                         策划 韩妤齐 
    《Ao Wu》廖雯文
    《Pink Box》朱蓉

    2007.6.23   纪录片《昨日今时》陈天婷
    2007.6.30   纪录片《弹词开篇》片子;纪录片《春节快乐》丁正
    2007.7.7    实验片《记忆通道》刘毅;《无效对应》杨晟晟;《请把我使劲地往墙上砸》吴小东;《与时代格格不入的暗喜与尴尬》陆扬;《上海地铁系列-呼吸》艺术地图工作组
    2007.7.14   纪录片《城市记忆的守望者》、《艰·持》周仰
    2007.7.21   纪录片《少男少女的青春爱情手册》朱伟、王念簃
    2007.7.28   实验短片《有关悲伤》、《朝花夕拾》、《有关快乐》、《铎铎的战争》、《3平方之夏》张继军

    2007.8.4    剧情片《邂逅》、《我的天空》李佳甲
    2007.8.11   纪录片《一个想减肥的第八代导演》》徐霞仙
    2007.8.18   纪录片《昆默》范磊;纪录片《特·众》陈箐箐
    2007.8.25   剧情片《初梦百花街》郭振超
    2007.9.1    剧情片《两岸》林航
    2007.9.8    剧情片《英雄》叶凯、宋斐斐
    2007.9.15   纪录片《龙老板》梁宇斐;纪录片《有房出租》余凌松
    2007.9.22   纪录片《闲着》张伟杰
    2007.9.29   纪录片《夜行人》黎小峰
    2007.10.20  故事片《美丽上海》彭小莲
    2007.10.27  剧情片《自言自语》何谰;剧情片《再见蓝山》程鹏;实验片《舞》徐巍、徐立
    2007.11.17  纪录片《干妈》张伟杰
    2007.11.24  剧情片《19空间》蔡骏(作家)
    2007.12.15  纪录片《活着》徐俊
    2007.12.30  剧情片《绑的就是你》潘雨

    2008.3.8    纪录片《梦想的彼岸》韩妤齐
    2008.3.22   剧情片《红风筝》毛广聚
    2008.4.12   纪录片《藏文化传统与现实》陈坚
    2008.4.26   剧情片《给我一张床》武维
    2008.5.10   纪录片《该吃饭,吃饭》吴益飞、高艳飞
    2008.5.24   剧情片《入土为安》毛永华
    2008.6.14  《百年百代·电光流影—— 纪念中国电影103周年》
    2.独立时代——上海独立电影精彩片段(Image Tunnel 2007年优秀独立影像)
    3.导演亲临现场参与沙龙聚会,Image Tunnel希望之星问世
    2008.6.21   纪录短片《THE WORLD CUP 2006 AND LITTLE BUDDHA》;《商人、大学生和外国人》龙远程
    2008.6.28   《Ann》李冬梅;《过客》杨文军
    2008.7.26   纪录片《秦关路10号》朱鹰文;剧情片《邂逅》李佳甲;纪录片《活着》徐俊
    2008.8.2    纪录片《风经》孙悦凌;剧情片《英雄本色》叶凯、宋斐斐
    2008.8.23   纪录短片《城市记忆守护者》周仰;纪录片《干妈》张伟杰
    2008.8.30   记录片《再回盆地》、实验电影《戈壁》康世伟
    2008.9.13   《译象》—— 实验电影、实验动画作品展:《对话》陈海璐;《我在这里》廖雯文;《前门一店》炭叹;《彼岸》宋松;《空》吴秋龑;《看见风景的城市》田苗子;《一些回忆》朱小七;《观音的生日》邓黎
    2008.10.4   纪录片《梦想的彼岸》(该片入选第4届REEL CHINA当代中国纪录片双年展)韩妤齐
    2008.10.25  纪录片《云上的日子》Jason Wei
    2008.11.8   剧情片《盒饭》张弛,艾未未(出品人)
    2008.12.13  实验片《双眼》、《云云云》丁峰
    2008.12.27  科幻悬疑片《天空之上》曾洪飞

    2009.4.11   纪录片《迁徙》张侃文
    2009.4.25   纪录片《艰持》《城市记忆守护者》等,周仰    
    2009.5.9   《二手唐诗》、《西游记》—— 关于马良作品的记录片制作,刘玺
    2009.5.16  《梦想的漂流瓶》第一集《缘起》韩妤齐、毛广聚等
    2009.7.11   《藏历新年》陈坚
    2009.8.16   《回到苏州河—— 上海最小的电影院》
    2009.10.17 纪录片《驼峰与飞虎—— 记极限飞行的驼峰空运和空战英雄飞虎队,二战纪实人物寻访》
    2009.10.30  纪录片《诱导—— Image Tunnel拉开东方香水的序幕》;电影《香水谋杀》
    2009.11.14  影片《未来·地球》MIHO艺术工作室,徐俊
    2009.12.12  《The cat》、《Two trees》、《盲云》李子田;实验动画短片《对话》、探索类实验影像《我,时间……》、《咖啡》、《跳》、《小星星》陈海璐

    2010.1.9    推荐:老电影机上的16毫米老胶片电影《上海今昔》、《女篮5号》
    2010.3.6    纪录素材片《上海最小的电影院》韩妤齐
    2010.4.10   纪录片《别墅村民》王秀岳        
    2010.4.24  2000-2010影像短片、装置艺术、表演,波拉作品短片60分钟(2010世博德国馆影像艺术家)
    2010.5.22   剧情片《红风筝》毛广聚;
    2010.5.29   纪录片《该吃饭,吃饭》吴益飞、高艳飞
    (该片入选第4届REEL CHINA当代中国纪录片双年展)
    2010.6.5   环境动画《电池统治史》韩茵、罗琦莹、吴茵玲、卢睿;
    影像《所有人的空间—— 来自上海, 胡志明市, 金边, 首尔的影像和故事》
    戴瑞华;《东湖阿凡达—— 东湖被填事件的公民记录》金葛)
    2010.8.21   《纪录片的野生时代》论坛:

    2011.1.15  “90后影像在行动”上海大学与上海应用技术学院师生
    2011.6.25   《穆赫兰道》电影赏析——逻辑思维的极限叙事手法的妙巧90后陈颖峰主持
    2011.9.3   《地球上的小星星》电影赏析90后朵特主持
    2011.10.21  纪录片《人在青岛》霍宁慨
    东西文化碰撞观影会 Image Tunnel 与上海对外汉语人俱乐部
    2011.11.11   影像隧道跟踪纪录片系列第一部:《一只风筝的自由主义理想》韩妤齐

    2012.3.18   《俄查-----黎族最后的船型屋聚落》纪录片内部样片观摩:谢戎作品90分钟

    四楼  暸望舱 —— 从老仓库看新上海
    三楼  承载舱 —— “上海最小的电影院”
    二楼  船艏舱 —— 摄影展览、会晤
    一楼  轮机舱 —— 新生代本土文化品牌展示
    Fourth floor----view a new Shanghai in an old warehouse
    Third floor----the smallest cinema in Shanghai
    Second floor----photography exhibition and meeting
    First floor----display the local culture grand of new generation 
    On the Bank of Suzhou Creek, a wooden loft of over 400 square meters


    Image Tunnel
    Image Tunnel
     Flr. 1-4, Blg.19, No.50 Moganshan RD., Shanghai,  China

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