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    2002.9---2004  A documentary of the historical Shanghai

    2004.5  Han Yuqi Exhibition Curator

     “Left Bank of the Seine of the East Films & Images Exhibition ”  (M50 ShanghART, Eastlink Gallery, Bizart)

    2004.9    Han Yuqisolo films and images exhibition《Samsara》

    Living  Death Samsara------the concept digital photos of Yuqi HanIt is the different idea and comprehension of living, death and the meaning of being that bring about the different perception and art sense.  People are always happy to seek the source of life and realize the philosophy within it, even though they will never find the truth about living- Death and Samsara. Rahter then a discovery in digital photos ,the works are the dedueation from the Samsara and the view of mordern  life. For the life is glorious, the soal is lone, and the photos are beautiful.


    You will never foreknow the being of the life, therefore the course of living is mysterious.The human life likes a window, when you look the world from the window, some feeling can always come upon to you.
    It seems simply in a sense that death is only an end,though we can”t accept it. At this moment ,maybe time is the best and cruelest treatment. Buddha tell us that we could reborn after death, and we call it ninvana. So death is the end of living and the start of it at the same time.
    There are many invisible ways to get the reborn and return. By the means of procficing  asceficism and going beyond everything. You will go to and fro freely in the cosmos passages.

    2005        Han YuqiExhibition Curator
    Image tunnel –the nostalgic arts festival of Suzhou Creek

    We will use some modern film editing of montage to express the charming of video tunnel, which can give prominence to the interacting relationship among the urban history background 、old film and inheritance of buildings. The purpose of this film festival is in order to bring the urban people think about the problems on urban buildings、old films、city culture、protecting and re vitalization of inheritance…

    March       the Time of Silent Film----Starting from Silent
    April        the First Wave of City Film
    May         Dusty Memory over Forty Years----Style and Chinese Characteristics
                 A display of over one hundred film posts
    September    Shanghai Household
    October       Memory Filed of the City
    November     Oriental Seine by the Left Bank, Suzhou River, Past and Present of  M50 
    December     Documentary Exhibition: Meeting on the left bank of Suzhou River\
    December     Image Tunnel of Centennial Chinese Films

    2006.1     Photography exhibition :Three Figures in Two Years

    2006.1-2   Exhibition: Review of Posts and Postcards of Image Tunnel in 2005  Designed by Huang Zhenqing
    2006.6    Yu Ping(a member of China Folk Photography Association ) photography exhibition:  Guard the Spiritual Home
    2006.10    Zhang Xianyong Conceptual photography exhibition

    There is always a lively scene, a crowd of people in Zhang Xianyong's works. The unique nostalgic old buildings of Shanghai make the whole background and people from different decades fill the pictures. They are scenes of exaggerated silent film and humorous plays of life.
    However, in most of his works, all the people are just himself.  In the nostalgic color and mood, he is alone. In the house with no one else there, in his own world, he is the director, actors, cosmetician, director of photography... he is everything.
    It is because this "loneliness" that he can think freely and leave everything behind to play out the contradiction and confusion he feels. 
    2006.12   《It started from Silence》
    2007.6   Junbo Ren、Fuhua Xia Photography of Buddha Woodcarving Handicraft
    The Buddhism culture has profound meaning and long history. The woodcarving crafts of Buddha have different shapes and face expressions and are mainly used in the temples. The major raw material is camphor tree and its fragrance can prevent the mildew and moth. The carving craft is exquisite and complicated. It is secretly come down from generation to  generation  in the countryside. All these provide abundant resources for the photography of woodcarving handicrafts of Buddha.
    2007.7       Han Yuqi《The Flower FairiesA Dream Of Shanghai》
    The dreamed experience, and the true dream, become part of this era of changes.
    In fact, this cabin had no address number when HAN Yuqi got here. At that time, there were No 18 and No 20, but just no NO 19. SO she felt that the number should be 19.
    There seems mysterious power in this No 19 cabin, which is standing beside the river bend of Suzhou Creek, and it has witnessed  heritages escape from Shanghai Urban Planning. Having successfully saved M50, HAN begin to pay more attention to the disappearing culture and architectures in Shanghai.
    Then came the Flower Fairies. The idea of Flower Fairies started from a series of HAN’s oil paintings created during 1993 to 1996. In 2006, HAN and her mother created the first real Flower Fairies with silk.
    One time, HAN took a blue Flower Fairy to the building site and seen many different un-rebuilt places in Shanghai, art lofts and mysterious old buildings before Shanghai EXPO. It became the witness of the city development again.
    And more wonderful thing happened. “The Flower Fairies” (shanghai unviersity students are my the flower fairies too) have come into the reality: a group of young students came to Cabin NO 19 and recorded the changes happening the city with me.
    As we have dreams, where the Flower Fairies, where the stories. we record the fabulous history and see the bright futuer.
    2008.4.29   Alart Image Salon(the first activity was held for internal members)
    Altstadt, directed by Han Yuqi
    Dazhongli,directed by Zhou Yang
    Design Works, directed by Ling Yiliang
    Footprints of Hudec,directed by Cintia
    Great Yangpu, directed by Du Yichao and Liu Zhengyang
    2008.5.3 Alart Image Salon
    Public Art in Shanghai,directed by Ling Yiliang
    Eyes,directed by Guo Bin
    Old camphor wood suitcases,directed by Liu Zhengyang
    2008.5.17  Alart Image Salon :On the Way  …
    1. A Wander around the Metro
    2. Disappearing Ferries , directed by Zhou Yang
    3. A Walk in the Night,directed by Du Yichao
    4. Trapped in Nanhui,directed by Shen Shuai
    2008.7.19       Alart Image Salon
    A terrible trip to Sanqingshan Mountain (by Fang Cao)
    On the night before the Dragon Boat Festival the author read an attractive article on the Internet and three days later he joined a team of strangers and went to Sanqingshan Mountain. But the bad weather and a series of small accidents made the trip a terrible one. So, he went on trip full of hope and came back with disappointment. However, is this experience really terrible? Maybe it will become the most wonderful memory later in his life…
    Returning to Xitang (by Fang Cao)
    The author went to Xitang four years ago. So this visit, he paid more attention to the life there rather than the traditional architectures. Today’s Xitang has lost her quietness, and is crowded with tourists. However, as the night comes, everything is different. The lights going on, travelers sit on the bridge to view the beautiful scenery, and local people gather to chat. And Xitang becomes a paradise…
    Park and Shanghai People  (by Lisha. Image) 
    Hailing from Wuhan and fascinated by local Shanghainese culture, Lisha, a project manager at a sportswear company during the day, has decided to pick up photography seriously until last year. The story she will bring happened in a park: a stage of local people’s daily activities. What’re these common scenes like in a foreigner’s eyes? Let’s see…
    Seeking Naitō Konan’s Footprints: the Changes of Nanking (by Qin Feng)
    One hundred years ago, Japanese professor Naitō Konan came to Nanking, travelled to many tourist interests in four days and published a book when he came back to Japan. The places he went to at that time are also the places today’s travelers will visit if they go to Nanking. But now it’s hard for us to imagine what were they like one hundred years ago. Some of the tourists and citizens can tell the brief stories of these places, but more have been forgotten. The author was born in Nanking and now works in Shanghai. He went back to his hometown in holidays and felt the changes of Nanking following Naitō Konan’s trace…
    Punk, Shanghai (by Myn Chan)
    As an expat living in Shanghai, the author found another world in this city – a bar for punk lovers. Let’s feel the hot air there with the author’s camera…
    2008.8.16  Three Photographers’ Steel Factory
    The Third Steel Factory of Shanghai is under construction: it will be part of the exhibition area of 2010 Shanghai EXPO. Lots of photographers try to enter this aged big factory and record its last days.
    Last Industry in the City       by Monaiderichu
    A Glamorous  Farewell        by Sadiea Lupin
    Before the EXPO              by Han Yuqi
    Three people went to shot the Steel Factory at different times. What different pictures will they bring us?
    People Living in Shanghai  (by Dong)
    The author takes a Seagull TLR camera into the streets and lanes of Shanghai. He shots whatever interests him, no matter they are Shanghai natives or foreign here. He just wants to shot the people living in Shanghai.
    Things in My Eyes (by Guan Jianghua)
    The author entered the favela and bars in Nanjing to show a different world, got to know others’ living conditions, and meanwhile made his own spiritual world complete.

    2008.9.20   Alart Image Salon
    Marginal Taxis   By Chad Grochowski
    In the marginal area beside the Maglev Station in Pudong, there’re many tricycles serving as taxis. Tricyclists from different parts of the country make their living by carrying passengers, in the sun or the chilly wind. And they also have to avoid the confiscation by the police. Chad Grochowski, a photographer from USA, saw these people and began to shot them. What does he think of these marginal taxis? And what are the stories between the photographer and the tricyclists?

    By GUO Bin

    Photographer at 《Vogue》Magazine
    At night, the city is vibrant with shimmering neon light, yet people’s faces are so blurred.
    Against its hustling and bustling, people’s backs and silhouettes are just silent and tranquil.
    Luxuriance is fleeting; figures in the picture are traceless.
    The momentary vivacity seems to disappear along the faded silhouettes.
    What remains is nothing but the hazy scenery.
    With a kind of intoxication, the appreciator, together with figures in the picture, are lost in the scene and could not find the way back.


    By CAI Wei
    Master Student at JiaoTong University

    To a boy who has never been abroad, a month’s trip to Berlin was like a short but wonderful dating. He tried to capture the numerous dreamlike moments with films and express the impression of Berlin in his heart.

    Passing-by Yunnan
    By HU Chendi
    Student at St. John University

    Yunnan Province of China is one of the most traveled places, and photographers have been to every corner of this land.

    and of Shangri-la, so many books describing this land added to Yunnan’s glamour.
    It is paradise to photographers and novelists.
    To an ordinary tourist like me, what can I get in this land where tourist industry is well developed?
    In thisChinese-styled travel, with a Minolta Instamatic, I have to seek the touching moments in crowded tourist interests. Time is a passer-by here…

    2008.10.18  Alart Salon @ Image Tunnel

    Plan of Big Shanghai

    By Yiming FENG

    Today’s Wujiaochang Area has become a shopping center in the northeast Shanghai. Long ago, a great plan was carried out there but failed. That was the plan of Big Shanghai. Buildings including the former Shanghai government building, former Shanghai Stadium (now Jiangwan Stadium), former Shanghai Library and former Shanghai Museum were all part of this plan. The purpose of plan of Big Shanghai was to build a powerful government against the foreign force in the concessions. Sadly, the plan was stopped when the War of Resistance Against Japan began…

    Days on the clouds

    By Coffee

    Tibet, the land I’m longing for,
    Is not only a land of mystery, but also land of adventures.
    When I got on the plane, I felt nervous.
    Unconsciously, we’ve taken off.
    I saw clouds from the window, and left everything behind me…


    By Daoyong LIU

    To a boy who has never been abroad, a month’s trip to Berlin was like a short but wonderful dating. He tried to capture the numerous dreamlike moments with films and express the impression of Berlin in his heart.

    Pursuit ·Memory

    By Shulan YANG
    An encounter was the beginning of a different way of life. How did this student of French major came to Image Tunnel and found it home? As she said, “it’s none of my business, but that’s my destiny. It’s rather that I returned here than that I came to here.”


    A Dream of Shanghai  Directed by Lu Yuanmin
    “I seemed to be dream-walking, and while inside my sleep, capturing images with my camera.” He is fascinated by Shanghai like a young girl lost in a grand, magical city. Guided by his intimate connection with Shanghai, he always shoots at the precise, beautiful moment.
    From 1990 to 1994, LU Yuanmin discovered and paid particular attention to the scenery alongside the Suzhou Creek. It was at the time, abandoned by the rapidly developing Shanghai, hidden, neglected and beautifully frozen in time. He was surprised, shocked, and deeply fascinated, as a child dream walking, unconsciously drawn to this river of history. Both the traditional and modern contribute to themes of contrasting elements that appear harmoniously in his photos. His images of those moments, kind of trivial and a little ghostly, became permanent in black and white. Without realizing it, in those years he had become the tacit spokesperson of Suzhou Creek.
    “I’m only an amateurish photographer,” he repeats, making sure it is known that he records only for interest. His subconsciously guided records, however, show what we have neglected in our fast-changing world. The history of Shanghai stays in Lu’s photos.
    When I first knew Lu Yuanmin in 1993, he was not good with words, only taking photos with a Seagull Camera—even without a lens cap. It was with this China-made camera that Lu kept the precious memory of Suzhou Creek alive. His Suzhou Creek series was exhibited in Image Tunnel in 2004 and 2006.
    In this year of 2008, LU Yuanmin shows his latest works. To our surprise, his work has dramatically changed with time. In these new photos, he tried mixing multiple exposures casually with other images, making the viewing experience exude a sense of confliction, and showing a Shanghai full of lusts. LU looks for his own life track in a world of mixed eras and finds a brand-new style.
    We have recognized that LU Yuanmin is searching for his way inside the image world, and we’ll keep paying attention to him and his work throughout his journey.

    2009.4.25   Alart Salon
    Past Dream · New Comer:  The views of a post-80s Photographer   Yang ZHOU
    As a fast developing city in China, Shanghai's old neighborhoods are disappearing at a horrible speed, along with them the lives and memories of people who have lived there for a century. Young and brought up in apartment though I am, I've witnessed that a block of old alleys was torn down within one year, which is quite sad for me even though I have never lived there. Facing the so-called "system", no one can do anything to stop it. This sense of vulnerability urges me to take photos of more similar places.
        Discussion of Maleonn’s images
    Photographer Maleonn will come to the salon
     a. More than 200 photographs showing the photographer’s search
     b. Entitled <Second-hand Tang Poems> and <Journey to the West>

    Thus says Maleonn

    Visual art is a challenge to language expression.
    Photography by itself is silent—it cannot tell anything specific. To me, this is our fate. What we own is quite limited. The camera cannot provide logic or clues, but some ambiguous symbols.
    Fortunately, it’s not the end. It is this ambiguity of visual signs that makes a puzzle for the viewer. Where there’s a puzzle, there’re explorers. The curiosity of human beings will force them into the puzzle and to search the way out. That’s the most wonderful part. Everyone find his own exit during this search and interpretation, and thus the puzzle becomes rich and transparent.

     Image Tunnel - 2009 - The Flower Fairies Set Out
    From 2006, when they came to Image Tunnel
    On 10th Feb 2007, they witnessed the new start of Image Tunnel.
    From 2007 to 2009, when Image Tunnel supports China's independent directors and photographers, they are the heroes backstage; and when Image Tunnel records the changes in Shanghai, they participate with enthusiasm.

    on 1st Sep., YANG Shulan, Image Tunnel's assistant art director flew to France for further education, leaving 10 mini E-magazines.
    on 7th Sep., ZENG Zhini, Image Tunnel's editor flew to USA, leaving beautiful words such as "If I'm not at Image Tunnel, I'm on my way to it!".
    on 3rd Oct., ZHOU Yang, Image Tunnel's chief photographer will fly to UK, leaving numerous photos of Saturday Movie and Alart Salon of Image Tunnel and her own portfolio  "Farewell: the Disappearing Shanghai".
    On 26th Sep, ZHOU Yang will share with us the stories entitled "No Farewell"
    In three years,
    from university student to employee at ICS and now about to study in UK
    she persists ...

    2010.8.7   Lecture
        Shanghai Art Industry----Image:the most potential Dark Horse
        Myth on Paper----Stories in Reality
    2010.10.23Image Story Salon ----Back Shanghai
        You were overseas in a spring,summer,fall and winter.Listen the stories from London,Lyon and Hamburg.
        Zhou Yang 's stories and works in London, exploring the limit of visual expression. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here we are.
        Yang Shulan's stories in Lyon,including film museum,robot museum,the first attempt to travel alone and going ahead without leeway.
        Shi Bingbing's stories in Hamburg.


    2002.9---2004  纪录保护上海老建筑人文照片资料

    2004.5   韩妤齐策划《东方的塞纳左岸影像展》

    5月1 6日下午,关于一本新书的新闻发布会在香格纳画廊的艺术仓库召开。这本叫做《东方的塞纳左岸——苏州河沿岸的艺术仓库>的书,成为苏州河历史和未来规划的最新权威。 这本书用实证的方式阐述了对苏州河沿岸的规划目标,它侧重的是文化艺术空间的含量显然,它要求保留那些艺术仓库。

    始了长达一年半的调查和写作。她已经一年半没有走进莫干山路5 O号里自己的工作室画画了,多少有点不务正业。但是对于希望保留艺术仓库的人们来说,这是福音。

    在争取保留艺术仓库的过程中,2 0 0 3年下半年是最艰难的。那时候,拆除的钢铁机器势不可挡,临近莫干山路5 o号的面粉厂、啤酒厂和造币厂都已经开始变成断壁残垣,.这里也接到了最后的拆除期限。‘韩妤齐说自己亲历了那些令人绝望的拆除现场,挂着"优秀建筑保护单位"牌子的老房子都同样被推倒,那么莫干山路5 O号更是很难幸免。


    2004.9   韩妤齐摄影《轮回》




    2005  全年“影像隧道”——苏州河怀旧艺术节:
    3月  《默片时代——从无声开始》
    4月  《城市电影第一浪潮》

    5月  《40年尘封记忆——风格与中国特色”电影百幅海报展》

    2006.1     摄影展《2年3人》

    2006.1-2  《2005年影像隧道海报、明信片回顾展》黄臻卿设计
    2006.6     余平摄影展《守护精神家园》,中国民俗摄影协会

    2006.10    《张宪勇观念摄影展》

    2006.12 《从无声开始》

    2007.6   任俊波佛像木雕工艺摄影


    2007.7   韩妤齐《花精灵寻梦上海摄影》


    2008.4.29  Alart影像沙龙(首次内部):《老城厢》韩妤齐、《大中里》周仰、《设计作品》凌怡亮、《邬达克的足迹》Cintia、《大杨浦》杜亦超、刘正阳

    2008.5.3    Alart影像沙龙

    2008.5.17   Alart影像沙龙在路上


    2008.7.19   Alart影像沙龙

    上海公园by Liz. Image
    朋克·上海by Myn Chan
    2008.8.16   Alart影像沙龙主题“三个人的上钢三厂—— 为了忘却的纪念”;
    《都市最后的工业》莫奈的日出 ;
    《生活 片段 上海》Dong;作者带着一台海鸥120双反相机,游走在上海的大街小巷,用正方形的底片记录那些感动他的画面。他不是专拍上海人,也不专拍农民工,他就是在拍摄“在上海的人的生活”。

    2008.9.20   Alart影像沙龙

    边缘出租车——Chad Grochowski
    Media Producer * Artist * Educator
    在浦东磁悬浮车站周围,活跃着很多人力三轮车,它们成了一种“边缘出租车”。来自全国各地的三轮车夫骑着装饰各异的三轮车在烈日下或者寒风中讨生活,有时候还要同城管打游击,而来自美国的摄影师Chad Grochowski则为他们拍起了肖像。他是怎样看待这些“边缘出租车”的呢?在摄影师与三轮车夫之间又有着怎样的互动?




    2008.10.18 Alart影像沙龙
    云端的日子—— 咖啡

    一次普通的邂逅,牵扯出一段不同的人生。一个法语专业的学生,怎样走进Image Tunnel,怎样在这里生根?用她的话来说:"这本与我无关,但却是必然。与其说我来到这里,不如说我回到这里。"

    2009.4.11   Alart影像沙龙《上海1990-2000影像记忆》陆元敏;

    “我好似在梦游 把梦游中见到的东西记录下來…….”他迷恋上海就象一个孩子在一个魔幻的城市里迷失了……..在不经意中,他不失时机地咔嚓咔嚓地成就了骨子里与生俱来的上海情结。
    2004年东方的塞纳左岸影像展与2006年在Image Tunnel展示了他的“苏州河”系列。
    2008年这次在Image Tunnel展出的作品让我们出乎意外的发现了陆元敏的“与时俱进”,以多次暴光的随意组合,画面充满了矛盾的膨胀感,展现了充满各种欲望的上海,时光在交叉中穿梭。
    生命在平淡中无中生有。他在快速浮尘的世界在默默的寻觅自己的生命轨迹,自由的灵魂迸发出新的理念。  我们看到陆元敏影像的生涯在不断探索积累。厚积薄发是他的一贯作风,Image Tunnel将一直关注他的影像路程。
    2009.4.29   Alart影像沙龙

    2009.5.9    Alart影像沙龙《马良影像座谈会》马良;马良亲临现场两多百张作品见证作者的每一步探索


    2009.9.26   Alart影像沙龙讲述:《没有再见》、摄影集《风人院》、周仰

    Image Tunnel - 2009 - 花精灵展翅
    2006年 —— 陆续寻找到Image Tunnel

    2007年2月10日——Image Tunnel 起航,代表新生代本土文化的崛起。
    2007-2009年——Image Tunnel 支持中国独立影像,她们是幕后英雄。
    Image Tunnel 纪录上海,她们是忠实的纪录者。
    2009-9-1 小管家 —— 杨淑岚 飞往法国留学,留下了10本迷你电子杂志。
    2009-9-6  资深编辑——曾稚妮 飞往美国留学,留下了“我不是在Image Tunnel,就是在Image Tunnel 的路上”等。
    2009-10-1首席摄影师——周仰飞往英国留学,一本她拍摄的《没有再见》的摄影作品集、《风人院》摄影集、《Alart 沙龙》摄影集留在了Image Tunnel。
    2009年9月26日 敬请聆听周仰《没有再见》,
    从大学生到——SMG国际频道工作 ——即将英国留学                            

    2010.8.7   Alart影像沙龙 讲座《上海艺术产业—— 影像最具潜力的黑马》韩妤齐
    《纸上的神话—— 现实中的故事》
    2010.10.23  Alart影像沙龙:《回归上海》''有一个春夏秋冬你在异国他乡'' 伦敦里昂汉堡的故事

    周仰在伦敦的作品与故事:探索视觉表达的极限《中医药在英国》《There we are》
    杨淑岚里昂故事:电影博物馆和机器人博物馆,初次尝试独自旅行,没有退路,只能向前……   施冰冰汉堡的故事……
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